Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Bracelet of Dolphins

Thursday, March 17, 2011, I celebrated my 21st birthday. In Jordan. In the Middle East. Don't worry, it was filled with typical American debauchery (because I've passed the arbitrary age!), but let me tell you about my day... and how great it was.

Oh, actually, I should start out by saying that it was my host sister's 19th birthday on the 17th. It's so cute, I think they planned it (they=fates). We were going to go out for a lavish dinner at Hardee's, but that didn't end up happening because she was feeling ill. I went for a walk and came back to find them waiting to surprise me! They brought a cake and sang "Happy Birthday!" First in English then in Arabic. Then we went out to a movie (Unknown with Liam Neeson). It was really nice to get out and be with my host siblings. However, it was about the latest I'd been up (11:45). Needless to say, I was sleeeeepy at the start of my actual birthday. I got to work and there was more cake. There wasn't much work for me to do, which isn't unusual. Then I finally got to talk with my mom. Then I had class. Except it was at a restaurant, and we didn't do much learning. I tried to speak in Arabic the whole time, which was hard. I was trying to tell people about the movie I saw with my pseduo Arabic. It was really difficult, mainly because I don't have the vocabulary for it. Things are starting to fall into place, though, with Arabic. Or so it seems. I go through phases where I think I'm making progress (like when I get a 100% on my test), and other times where I just don't seem to make any sense to anyone else. Anyway, so I thought we were about to leave, but then the lights went out and a cake that literally had fireworks in it was brought out. I blushed. A lot. They sang "Happy Birthday!" in English and then in Arabic again. It was good cake, too. I had a fabulous birthday dinner with my teacher and the group.

But then! Most of us changed out of our everday wear and got all dressed up to go party at the Australian (!?) Embassy! They were having a St. Patrick's Day (/my birthday) themed party :) It was really fun! There was a live band who, again, sang "Happy Birthday!" to meeeee! There was dancing, live music, my friends, laughter, green beer (I know, I know), new friends, singing... basically, just all of my favorite things in one night! We even saw someone who looked like Ron Weasley. I had so much fun. My birthday made me feel just a little bit more special. It was a wonderful 21st.

And that's the story.
And then there was chicken. ALL over the place.
And THAT'S the story.

Picture: One stubborn camel.

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